Evolution of an Idea

I have finally jumped onto the WordPress bandwagon after years of blogging on and off on Moveable Type. I did quite like MT, it worked for me. But the lure of greener, lusher pastures is what made me decide to move my existing food blog and start a new one on WordPress.

LBOI was an idea that developed over 5 years ago and has pretty much remained at the evolutionary stage, until now. With a spanking new logo [that I am finally satisfied with], some viable business cards and some projects to bring in the bucks to fuel my consumership of design magazines and photography props, I have finally reached a stage where I want to be. Evolutionwise, the amoeba has stopped inching sporadically in the ocean and has reached landmass where it has developed some appendages and the urge to crawl uncertainly through the sand, leaving a teeny tiny mark as it goes. There are a million and one ideas in the box but not enough time to cater to them all. I hope to take the most viable ones, or the ones that appeal to my whim the most and realise them, in the real world and on this blog.

The web with its endless bounty of free knowledge and free expression is a candy shop for a thinker. I am constantly fascinated by images I see and  ideas that inspire. You do learn a lot here. I have created my share of designs over the past 5 years, but I have never documented them. I wish I had. Well, now is a good time to start.

Let’s talk Freebies! I love doing freebies. What is the kind of stuff you who visits a design blog is looking for? I don’t care much for icons but I do love all the usual stuff … brushes, fonts, textures. Vectors get me really really excited. Got any suggestions or requests? Drop me a line at sneh.roy@littleboxofideas.com I’d love to hear anything you have to say … hopefully it will be about design or photography or trends ….. 🙂