Museo Candy 3d Text Effect – A typographic wallpaper.

The mighty Museo Typeface all rolled up in a tootsie roll wrapper.

The mighty Museo Typeface all rolled up in a tootsie roll wrapper.

For almost two months I have oohed and aahed over mindblowing 3d text effects and digital artworks depicting the same. Then yesterday, I decided to finally succumb to the need to make one of my own. It took me a little less than 2 hours from start to finish, working in both Illustrator and Photoshop; to come up with this wallpaper. Needless to say, I was thoroughly happy with my amateur attempt and enthusiastically took screenshots of the various stages of the design development [which I hope becomes my very first tutorial for the next blog post].

So what is the wallpaper all about? I think by now, the entire world knows what “Museo” is. Developed by designer Jos Buivenga of the Exljbris Font Foundry fame, it got everyone’s attention when 3 out of the 5 styles were offered for free and alongwith fellow “Museo San” rose to the top 10 fonts of 2008 on When I first saw it on Francesco Mugnai’s website, it was love at first sight for me. It is quite brilliant and has a feel good quality to it. I have created 3d letters that spell out Museo and wrapped them up in red tootsie roll wrappers [a candy I have only heard stories about and continues to be elusive here in Australia]. Sticking to a green theme, I have tried to use all elements and aspects of design that I love so much …. crushed paper, black grass, retro colors, swirls, foliage, butterflies, grunge and dirt.

Enjoy the wallpaper, it is high resolution and available in a cartload of sizes to suit your desktop needs.

{ 2560 X 1600 } { 2048 X 1536 } { 1920 X 1200 } { 1680 X 1050 } { 1600 X 1200 } { 1400 X 1050 } { 1280 X 960 } { 1280 X 800 } { 1024 X 768 } { 800 X 600 }


Mind Toys – Sites that draw you to play!

The internet has exploded … literally! There are virtually hundreds and thousands of interesting website links being posted on blogs, social bookmarking and networking sites. Most of the time you’ll be lucky if you can barely browse something and remember it before something snazzier catches your eye or you are caught up in the latest craze of the day. As designers and programmers, there are specific kinds of websites and posts that get our shorts tied up in a bunch. Freebies would be one :-). Stuff that makes you look clever is another. And finally something that draws you to play, instead of just watching and reading and browsing. There are indeed some interesting sites that generate an itch, to try out something fun¬†and to play. These are some of those websites …

Create Tag Clouds for a website or a design or just for fun. It is also interesting to see what people create and what goes on in their minds when they are keying in words for the tag cloud.


Newspaper Clipping Generator

Create Your Own Newspaper Clipping

Create Your Own Newspaper Clipping

This is really really fun. I used it for a Christmas Flash E-card last year. And I just generated my very own piece of fantasy .. well sci-fi fantasy. Go ahead, become a celebrity and have your name pop up on the headlines of a major newspaper. You know you always dreamt of it!


Visual Thesaurus

This is a brilliant concept. A visual play on words. I could spend hours on this website. It is essentially Pandora’s box. You dont know what’s coming next and where it is leading you. The free version only allows you a limited number of searches.



Adobe’s pet project for the visual addiction of coloured minds. It is a funky website and a revolutionary concept. You can browse hundreds of color swatches, modify them, bookmark them, download them for use in your design softwares, create new ones and a cartload of other community activities prevalent in social sites like these. The Most Popular & Highest Rated Swatches will immediately shout out the current colour trends in the market and the crazy, creative names people think up for the colour schemes are another plus to browse the website.

Evolution of an Idea

I have finally jumped onto the WordPress bandwagon after years of blogging on and off on Moveable Type. I did quite like MT, it worked for me. But the lure of greener, lusher pastures is what made me decide to move my existing food blog and start a new one on WordPress.

LBOI was an idea that developed over 5 years ago and has pretty much remained at the evolutionary stage, until now. With a spanking new logo [that I am finally satisfied with], some viable business cards and some projects to bring in the bucks to fuel my consumership of design magazines and photography props, I have finally reached a stage where I want to be. Evolutionwise, the amoeba has stopped inching sporadically in the ocean and has reached landmass where it has developed some appendages and the urge to crawl uncertainly through the sand, leaving a teeny tiny mark as it goes. There are a million and one ideas in the box but not enough time to cater to them all. I hope to take the most viable ones, or the ones that appeal to my whim the most and realise them, in the real world and on this blog.

The web with its endless bounty of free knowledge and free expression is a candy shop for a thinker. I am constantly fascinated by images I see and  ideas that inspire. You do learn a lot here. I have created my share of designs over the past 5 years, but I have never documented them. I wish I had. Well, now is a good time to start.

Let’s talk Freebies! I love doing freebies. What is the kind of stuff you who visits a design blog is looking for? I don’t care much for icons but I do love all the usual stuff … brushes, fonts, textures. Vectors get me really really excited. Got any suggestions or requests? Drop me a line at I’d love to hear anything you have to say … hopefully it will be about design or photography or trends ….. ūüôā